netflix law proposals in europe

Θέματα που αφορούν τους διεθνείς πειρατικούς σχηματισμούς.
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netflix law proposals in europe

Δημοσίευσηαπό ekfrasi » 06 Οκτ 2013, 13:58

Dear all pirates,

I'm on the hunt for Netflix law proposals. We have one in Sweden almost
pending since June of this year:

My guess s that these laws are pending either where Google or Netflix
are. In Sweden the proposal is re-assessed from 2007 it is also possible
that member states not Sweden have made it illegal to privately
circumvent decryption keys already back in 2007.

It is my belief that the streaming companies are doing an "analogy"
whereby streaming is broadcasting and therefore covered by those laws.
Also there is an international treaty being discussed at WIPO on
broadcasting - does Gregory Engels or some other WIPO rep know where
that is going?

We are organising an event in the EP in about 2 weeks, and so it would
be good with quick responses (sorry all :-( )

This is, obviously, about DRM in HTML5. I want it out. Please spread to
other people it might concern.

best regards,


Αν κάποιος ΞΕΡΕΙ και θέλει να απαντήσει μπορεί να το κάνει στη λίστα του PP-EU ή να της στείλει απάντηση στο blog της
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